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A video history of the ATL punk scene circa 1999-2005.

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The Atlanta Punk Archive How did this project begin?

In 1999 Christopher Childs picked up a video camera and began filming punk bands in the Atlanta and Athens, GA area. Christopher would continue documenting concerts for the next 6 years. With aspirations of creating a documentary representing the music scene in a similar fashion of the late 70s film, Decline of the Western Civilization. While the documentary never came to fruition (much like Christopher’s guitar skills), the tapes have survived. This website and project serve to launch a new archival process to archive and make the media he created freely available to all.

A defunct website Born again

In 2000 Christopher began hosting and providing his work online. The website in those days was know as "Lazy Punk Video." The name being inspired by a nick name, “Lazy Punk” given to Christopher as most ironic, punk rock pseudonyms go. That site hosted updates on concert dates as well as videos from concerts, all this years before YouTube existed.

In some capacity, LPV/Atlanta Punk Archive has always been an internet-driven project. Providing access and promoting the music was foremost and it’s fitting its ultimate end product was not a commercial film, but rather continuing open access and archives of the scene that it inspired.

The Timeline


Christopher Picks up a camera

A digital documentary/archive journey begins. 2+ decades in the making...


Christopher Uploads media to the old LPV website

Video is uploaded to the website, Lazy Punk Video. While some of the original art and html still exists, most has been lost over time. Early versions of the site can be seen on the The Wayback Machine.


LPV is reborn as The Atlanta Punk Archive

With videos hosted on YouTube and this site providing context and updates.

The Archivist

Who's Project is this?

After sharpening his production skills at the University of Georgia, Christopher ventured off to NYC to complete a master’s in documentary film at The New School. While there, he worked for a range of filmmakers. Most notably, he worked for Lloyd Kaufman (Toxic Avenger) of Troma Films and Albert Maysles’ (Gimmie Shelter, Grey Gardens, Salesman) of Maysles Films.

Longing for the South, Christopher found himself working in television production for 10 years back in Georgia before shifting his career to PR/media relations. Christopher currently works for the University of Georgia and is pursuing a second master’s degree. He’s often found working on various art and film projects.

Christopher Childs

Filmmaker, artist, & archivist of APA

Christopher Childs
Filmmaker, artist, & archivist of APA

The Bands

Who They Are

The bands filmed most often were Adolf and the Piss Arts, The Bloody Sods, No Holds Barred, and Terminus City.

Adolf and the Piss Artists

Adolf and the Piss Artists

Adolf and the Piss Artists
Atlanta, GA

Jessica Specter

The Bloody Sods

The Bloods Sods
Newnan, GA

Lynda Smith

No Holds Barred

No Holds Barred
Atlanta, GA

Lynda Smith

Terminus City

Terminus City
Atlanta, GA

Other bands capture on video

Anti-seen, The Breakaways, Exit 86, Guff, Hunter-Gather, The Inconsiderates, Roughage, The Slut Knuckles, The Spectremen, and Too Far Gone...

Project Process

The Plan

The ultimate goal of this project is to archive the videos for future generations and documentation. Here's how it'll work!

Collection of Materials

The original video tapes, videos, and photos, are on various forms of media. Gathering, digitizing them all to a central location is the primary step.


Most of the videos were shot on DV tape. Many of the orginally rendered videos are no longer available and will need to be logged once again.


Both this website and the YouTube Channel will serve as an ongoing means to share new content.


The final step in the process will be donating the orgi media and the newly created media to a film/video archive to be preserved for generations to come.

The Numbers

Some of the cool facts about the project

Video Tapes
Different Bands Captured
minutes of video tape
TB of Data

Project Progress

Videos Digitized and Uploaded

Below you'll see the latest statistics on what videos have been uploaded, both from an overall perspective but also by select bands as well.

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